Regarding Passwords

"When Chuck Norris creates a login, it tells him 'password not strong enough', he types in his name and it tells him 'password too strong.'"

Obviously a feat that would require a potential energy force so strong it had the power to re-code specific lines of coding in order to prove on the physical plane how strong Chuck Norris is. However the only potential problem I see is that the computer has betrayed Chuck Norris, committing an act that would have surely resulted in its destruction. For anything to survive an encounter with Chuck Norris, it must do exactly as he wishes.

Final thoughts: Though the computer did compliment his strength, it also betrayed Chuck. A fatal mistake.


  1. And the computer is gone forever.

  2. It's high time someone blogged the awesomeness of this man.
    His passwords are always strong enough!

  3. Lol youre good at analyzes, what do you do for a living?