Humanoid Search Engine

Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you.

We all by now understand Chuck Norris's great strength. A lesser known facet of his power is his intelligence. Chuck Norris is seemingly able to deduce the location of anything. This would require computational skills beyond what any computer today can achieve.

Final thoughts: Chuck Norris's ability to locate anything on the planet (or theoretically the universe) would be insanely beneficial, that is fairly obvious. Interestingly enough, Chuck Norris can also instantly arrive anywhere he wishes. I would compare this to the Instant Transmission used by the character Goku in the popular anime series Dragon Ball. The two powers combined (the ability to deduce where anyone/anything is in the entirety of the universe, and the ability to arrive anywhere in the universe instantaneously) would obviously be an extremely potent combination. 

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Chuck Norris runs until the treadmill gets tired.

This fact is fairly easy to analyze. Chuck Norris's endurance (and likely speed) would far outweigh the capabilities of the machine. One of the many moving parts would fail due to imperfections. It is inevitable. As we know, Chuck Norris and all the moving parts within him have zero imperfections. They can run with perfect efficiency for all of the foreseeable future.

Final thoughts: Absolute mathematical perfection on a realistic scale in nature is not something thought to be a possibility. Fractals come close, but are only accurate to a certain degree. It is explained to us that Chuck Norris is perfect. Could this imply that Chuck Norris is not born from nature? Is there a possibility Chuck Norris was created by another intelligence? If so, is that being more powerful than Chuck Norris himself?

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Recently as you guys may already know, I got over 1k pageviews. I am surprised with the success of this blog, it came from such a little idea. Thanks to Chris (my roommate) over at http://zgchris.blogspot.com/ for plugging my blog.

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It's nice to see some people are finally getting it through their skulls that Internet Explorer is not a real browser. Take care everyone. The weekend is coming up, I probably won't be posting through it. If you think of something interesting I should consider, comment here.